new single ‘Boro Kitchen 4am’ OUT NOW on Fierce Panda

when alternative indie act Skint & Demoralised first emerged on the scene in 2007, Matt Abbott was completing his A-Levels and David Gledhill was producing in Sheffield under the guise ‘MiNI dOG’. demo plays on BBC Radio 1 from Steve Lamacq and Colin Murray led to a frenzy on the band’s MySpace page, and within 9 months they’d signed to Universal Records – one of those classic meteoric rises that the music industry churns out every now and again.

fast forward to 2019 and Matt Abbott is 30 years old; rapidly establishing himself on the UK’s flourishing spoken word scene. he recently completed a 22-date theatre tour with his critically acclaimed one-man show ‘Two Little Ducks‘. David Gledhill, known more recently for his SOULS project, is releasing a track a week from his East London studio on a new piano project called ’52 Weeks Makes A Year’. Skint & Demoralised have changed, and so has the world around them.

Skint & Demoralised | Boro Kitchen 4am
New single ‘Boro Kitchen 4am’ (click to stream or purchase)

‘Boro Kitchen 4am’ is the band’s first release in six years; their third album ‘The Bit Between The Teeth‘ landing on the same day that Margaret Thatcher died in April 2013. after parting from indie label Heist Or Hit, their new music reflects the drastic change around them since the heady days of pop ditties such as ‘Red Lipstick‘ and ‘The Thrill of Thirty Seconds‘. due for release on iconic indie label Fierce Panda, the fourth album ‘We Are Humans’ is completely unlike previous releases.

the single channels a raw post-punk energy, with lyrics depicting a conversation about politics at a Teesside house party. unapologetic and direct, it’s a snapshot of Brexit Britain and the contradictions and struggles of working-class life. where their ‘Love, And Other Catastrophes‘ dΓ©but provided Northern Soul inspired jangle-tastic pop tracks about teenage relationships, this new album is a sharp political reflection of the tumultuous times that engulf us.

whether it’s the UK’s homelessness epidemic, the humanitarian crisis at the Calais Jungle refugee camp or a transformative friendship during the Universal years, this is a powerful and poetic new release from Skint & Demoralised, which is bound to enthral old fans and new.

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