video for ‘#RefugeesWelcome’ out now

we’re fairly used to political turmoil in the UK right now. what at first appeared to be a cocky Cameron bluff to appease the Tory swing towards UKIP in 2015 has descended into complete and utter chaos like we’ve never seen before.

The official video for ‘#RefugeesWelcome’

and today, the openly racist and homophobic bigot Boris Johnson becomes our Prime Minister. the man who said that black people have lower IQs; black children are ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘water melon smiles’; gay men are ‘bum boys’; Muslim women wearing burqas resemble ‘bank robbers’ and ‘letterboxes’; and equal marriage resembles bestiality.

can a song change that? no, it can’t. but we’ve specifically chosen today to release the official video for our latest single, ‘#RefugeesWelcome’. the track was released by Fierce Panda on 14 June and is available here via all major digital providers.

i compiled and edited the footage myself. i’m proud of it, as i am with the song. if you like it, give it a share. it’s also uploaded directly to our Twitter, Facebook and IGTV pages. ta very much.