today sees the release of our new album ‘We Are Humans’ on limited edition white vinyl (available here). it also sees the release of a brand new digital EP, with ‘Slim Jim’s Liquor Store’ fronting the attack, plus an Electronic States remix and my ‘Red, White & Blue’ poem.

Skint & Demoralised 'Slim Jim's Liquor Store' EP
click to stream or download the ‘Slim Jim’s Liquor Store’ EP

Electronic States is the new remix outfit from Skint & Demoralised songwriter/producer David Gledhill, and may or may not drop a hint as to the direction of our next album.

i’ve been performing the ‘Red, White & Blue’ poem at our gigs and it’s gone down a storm. it’s a key part of the ‘Two Little Ducks‘ show that i toured last year and whilst it didn’t feel right on the album, i very much wanted it to be released alongside the material.

my ‘Red, White & Blue’ poem, recorded by Muddy Feet Poetry

lyrically, ‘Slim Jim’s Liquor Store’ takes a drastic departure from the main themes on the album. when we were signed to Universal back in the day, i ended up living in London at the age of 20; consumed by self-doubt, imposter syndrome, anxiety…the full works.

the daily pressure of video shoots, photo shoots, interviews, rehearsals, meetings, gigs and all that bollocks took it’s toll. plus the fact that no matter what i was doing, it wasn’t just acceptable to have a drink – it was almost expected.

Slim Jim’s Liquor Store

it got so back that i ended-up signing myself up for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy down the road from my house in Islington, but as soon as i’d finished, i’d still head straight over to Slim Jim’s Liquor Store on Upper Street.

it’s a fucking great bar, if you ever fancy it. just maybe don’t spend as much time there as i did…

i’m guessing that most of you will have heard our fourth album ‘We Are Humans’ by now. it was released digitally on 30 August and is available to stream or purchase in all of the usual places (click here for the links), but far more exciting than that is this physical release…

Fierce Panda have produced some limited edition white vinyl copies of the album, which are released on 25 October. and to be quite honest, they’re absolutely fucking beautiful. you can order them through Fierce Panda, or through my independent spoken word record label Nymphs & Thugs (click here).

we’ll also be selling them at gigs, and they’ll be stocked in a small selection of independent record shops as well – so either way, it’s easy enough for you to get your hands on a copy for £15 plus P+P. huge thanks to Kerry Harrison for the sleeve design and to Mark Coverdale for the final touches. just look at ’em…!

now then. much to my shame, Skint & Demoralised have only ever performed once in Liverpool, and it was at the O2 Academy a whole ten years back. i think we were hoping for a decent crowd but Shack were in the main room so it was only half full. anyway…

we’re back on Saturday 30 November, with a headline show at Gibberish Brewpub, in partnership with Mersey Socialist Club. we have support from rising stars Fighting Rhythm, and Scouse legend Jackie Hagan.

Skint & Demoralised in Liverpool
Skint & Demoralised in Liverpool on 30 November

tickets are available here for £8 or £6, and we advise booking in advance because there’s at least a coach full coming over from Darwen and i know that Mersey Socialist Club don’t usually have to do much to fill a room! see ya there…

for the fourth time in Skint & Demoralised history, we’re heading up to perform in the fantastic city of Glasgow. and in case you think i’m kissing arse for promo’s sake, that’s where i chose to propose to my fiance on my 30th birthday, so i mean every word of it.

anyway, we’re playing at Stereo on Friday 29 November, with Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross and Victoria McNulty joining us on the bill. i know them both through the spoken word poetry scene and am a huge fan of their work.

Skint & Demoralised live in Glasgow on 29 November

tickets are on sale here for £10, as well as through the venue’s website and from a handful of independent record shops in the city as well. oh and there’s an £8 concession ticket available, if needs be. see ya there…?!

Skint & Demoralised 'We Are Humans'
Skint & Demoralised new album ‘We Are Humans’

it’s finally here. our new album ‘We Are Humans’ is available via all major digital providers here. and even more exciting than that, you can pre-order it on limited edition white vinyl here. that’s out on 25 October.

i know that bands always say this, but we passionately believe that this is our best album yet. i’m over the moon that we’ve made it, and that we’re releasing it on a label like Fierce Panda. so get listening, get pre-ordering, and let us know what you reckon!

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the final single before we released our fourth album ‘We Are Humans’. David and i are both in agreement that this is the best song we’ve ever written together, and no matter what happens with this album, i’ll die happy knowing that we reunited and created this.

Skint & Demoralised ‘Superheroes’ OUT NOW

i’ve written a blog about the true story behind the lyrics on my personal website here. the dehumanisation of refugees in the UK right now is a disgrace – i don’t care if that makes me a virtue-signalling snowflake.

so, instead of reeling-off stats and figures, i’m telling stories. and I believe that ‘Superheroes’ says the most of all of the stories that i heard. it was released digitally on 16 August and is available to stream or download via all major digital providers here.

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now then! ahead of the Leeds gig, a couple of folk were chatting on Facebook about how much merch money they were planning on bringing. at which point i had a very sudden realisation that we didn’t have any merch.

so, i threw together some designs, contacted RDS Print in Wakefield (not a sponsored plug, i just like to support local businesses) and around 5 minutes before the doors opened at Hyde Park Book Club, we had three t-shirts ready to sell.

the t-shirts cost £10 each plus P+P, and at the moment they’re available in S, M, L and XL. they’re Fruit of the Loom valueweight t-shirts, so they’re great for summer (and for afterwards, obviously). they’re available via Nymphs & Thugs here.