earlier this year, i was approached to curate a special mixtape for an international radio show called The Voice Of Cassandre. with all of the lockdown madness, it took me longer than it would’ve done usually, but i’m dead excited to finally see it available online to stream here.

The Voice Of Cassandre

i tried to document a loose timeline of Skint & Demoralised influences – partly my lyrical influences before i’d even picked up a pen, and then also musical influences once we’ve developed a songwriting partnership.

the mixtape is an hour long and was originally broadcast on radio stations in the UK, France and Greece. huge thanks to GrΓ©gory Lochouarn for approaching me to do this. i hope you enjoy the listen!

here’s some news that we’re dead chuffed about. last year’s comeback single Boro Kitchen 4am is one of the winners of this year’s Bread & Roses award for political songwriting and spoken word. back of the net.

the award is presented by Culture Matters in association with the CWU and the Musicians Union. there’s a full list of the winners here.

Skint & Demoralised ‘Boro Kitchen 4am’