Perrie Edwards solo music: Star teams up with Ed Sheeran and RAYE on debut album

Here's 12 things we're allowed to tell you from Perrie's listening party
Perrie Edwards solo music

When Perrie Edwards stepped onto The X Factor stage in 2011, one thing was evident from the off. This South Shields-born singer was destined to be a superstar.

13 years and an illustrious career with Little Mix later, Perrie's almost ready to release her debut solo record.

This week, we've been lucky enough to hear six brand-new songs lifted from the album at a fancy listening party in London; with Perrie talking us through the stories behind each track. Cupcakes and cocktails were also involved. We've had worse nights.

While we're sworn to secrecy around song titles and specifics, and would quite like to keep our jobs, we can tell you 12 things we learnt from the playback; including collaborators, a bit about her sonic identity and some interesting insights into the recording process.

Let's get into it, shall we?

1. Perrie's a 'global priority' for the label

Introducing Perrie to a room of music industry-types, the excitement from Columbia's UK President is palpable. Announcing that Perrie's a 'global priority' for the label, the execs are buzzing to have her on board.

2. The record's eclectic

With Perrie having already shared a very varied playlist of her reference points for the album, from Harry Styles' Adore You to Mariah Carey's Honey, you might be asking 'but what does solo Perrie actually sound like?'

Well, in all honesty, it's difficult to pinpoint. But that's far from a bad thing.

A lover of music, first and foremost, Perrie's taste is nothing if not varied; her vocal range suited to so many genres. Explaining she was brought up on the likes of Alanis Morrisette and, of course, Journey and Steve Perry, Perrie's eclectic influences fuse to form something that's just so quintessentially her.

As much as the tracks explore different genres, instrumentation and themes, there's a strong sonic through line that ties all the tracks together.

3. Perrie's relatable lyrics will resonate

Perrie says she's keen to perform songs about her anxiety, something we can all relate to on some level.

4. Her debut single was co-written with Ed Sheeran

Given both Perrie and Ed's track record with creating a catchy melody, it's the team-up of our times.

Perrie Edwards solo music

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5. The first single is windows down, belt-it-at-the-top-of-your-lungs big

Think road trip with your besties, windows down, belting the chorus at the top of your voice. The Kelly Clarkson-meets-Katy Perry vibes are strong here.

Instantly-catchy (we were already singing along by the second chorus), it's easy to see why this is considered the perfect introduction to Perrie.

6. Perrie's collaborated with RAYE on the album

We think you might've heard of her?

7. The RAYE collab exudes her Cancer energy

By Perrie's own admission, the incredible RAYE team-up is written about her stubborn approach any argument. Oh, and Perrie's fella's a fan of this one.

Given Alex's love of Little Mix's LM5 bonus track Forget You Not, you know you can trust his impeccable judgement.

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8. The album was mainly recorded between her home studio and Weymouth

Admitting she's a 'homebody' who only leaves the house if she 'has to,' Perrie recorded the majority of the record between her home studio and Weymouth; a quaint seaside town on the Dorset coast.

Not that you'd be able to tell. There's absolutely nothing 'quaint town' about these tracks; all pop productions tailor-made for the world stage.

9. One particular track left Perrie speechless

While Perrie gave an insight into five of the six tracks previewed, she preferred for one song in particular to speak for itself.

A soaring guitar-led ballad, this one is serving powerhouse vocals.

Perrie Edwards solo music

10. The debut single's video is giving *budget*

While we haven't seen the full music video, shot recently in Cape Town, South Africa, we did get a sneaky behind-the-scenes clip from the shoot. Let's just say, the budget is budgeting. When we tell you we audibly gasped, much to Perrie's amusement.

11. Ed Sheeran's involved in another track, too

As well as the debut single, Ed's co-written a second track on the record. With the most uplifting of lyrics centred around Perrie's ambition to live life to the fullest, its optimistic lyricism atop a punchy pop-rock instrumental is infectious.

12. The Anderson .Paak vibes are strong on one song

Totally different sonically to the other tracks, the second song we heard could easily be an Anderson .Paak record. The silkiest of vocals utilising Perrie's stunning lower register, this smooth R&B-influenced song is serving the chillest Sunday morning vibes.

Kind of sounds a bit Bruno Mars, too, which would explain why his track Chunky was a reference point for Perrie.

So, there you go. That's pretty much all we're allowed to say, but we hope we've given you an insight into what to expect from Perrie's solo material.

Perrie's debut solo single is guessed it...soon. Stay tuned!

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