Olly Alexander teases 'unexpected' Dizzy Eurovision performance

Olly has something 'enchanting' up his sleeve for the Grand Final in Malmö
Olly Alexander Dizzy Eurovision performance

Olly Alexander has teased an 'unexpected' performance of Dizzy at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final.

Having already begun rehearsals for the United Kingdom's spectacle in Malmö, Sweden on Saturday May 11, Olly tells us he has something 'memorable' planned for the show.

Olly Alexander

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Speaking to Official Charts on the BRITs red carpet, Olly said: "I'm glad you like [the song]! I'm honestly so relieved [it's out there]; I've been sitting on the song for so long. I was juts like 'wow, this song needs to come out now.' I'm really happy it's out, I'm excited to perform the song!"

Asked how preparation's going so far, Olly explained: "I'm in rehearsals at the moment."

And how would Olly describe his Grand Final performance in three words? "Unexpected, memorable and enchanting."

WATCH Olly Alexander tease his Dizzy Eurovision performance:

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This comes as the BBC explain their chart ambitions for Dizzy, hoping to see success with the track on the Official Singles Chart.

Chatting to The Euro Trip podcast earlier this year, BBC Studios’ Eurovision Executive Producer, Lee Smithurst, and BBC Music’s Commissioning Executive, Will Wilkin explained that the team are keen for the song to see commercial success; revealing the ultimate goal is to secure a Number 1 single.

Will said: "Our ambition is to win and for the single to go to Number 1, and for it to be another watershed moment for Eurovision for the UK. 

"You have to make peace with what the worst case scenario is to reach the best. 

"Everyone that enters Eurovision is aware of what the worst case scenario can be, but I believe this will be another huge growth spike in terms of what Eurovision means. 

"We can measure that in a million different ways if we want to, but really we’re going there to win it. 

"And we are going there to win it with a single that is an incredibly commercially successful single."

Keep up with all the latest Eurovision news from Official Charts over the coming weeks in our dedicated Eurovision hub.

Olly Alexander's Dizzy is out now via Universal Music.

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Why are you lying to him?, the song is plain bad, mediocre at best, it hasn't been well received neither by the general public nor Eurovision fans, it's on the 13th spot with red dots, showing a downward trend