Eurovision Songs 2024: Every country's song selection for this year's contest

From the UK's Olly Alexander to Croatia's Baby Lasagna, see the full list of selected entries so far
Every Eurovision 2024 song

The boldest, brightest and most brilliantly-bizarre event in the music calendar is almost upon us: 2024's Eurovision Song Contest.

Hosted in Malmö, Sweden following Loreen's win with Tattoo in Liverpool last year, the Eurovision Grand Final will be held on Saturday May 11 2024. But, before that, each country must choose its fighter.

Former Years & Years star Olly Alexander is confirmed to represent the UK with Dizzy, a fella by the name of Baby Lasagna will be battling for Croatia with Rim Tim Tagi Dim and Ukraine's alyona alyona and Jerry Heil are current favourites with Teresa & Maria.

So, as each country selects its entrant ahead of this year's contest, we're here to round up all those chosen so far.

Listen to the UK's 2024 Eurovision Song Contest entry - Olly Alexander's Dizzy - here.

Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Eurovision songs 2024 - every country's entry song listed:

Albania's Eurovision song 2024:

Zemrën n'dorë by Besa

Austria's Eurovision song 2024:

We Will Rave by Kaleen

Australia's Eurovision song 2024:

One Milkali (One Blood) by Electric Fields

Belgium's Eurovision song 2024:

Before The Party's Over by Mustii

Croatia's Eurovision song 2024:

Rim Tim Tagi Dim by Baby Lasagna

Cyprus's Eurovision song 2024:

Liar by Silia Kapsis

Czechia's Eurovision song 2024:

Pedestal by Aiko

Denmark's Eurovision song 2024:


Estonia's Eurovision song 2024:

(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi by 5Miinust & Puuluup

Finland's Eurovision song 2024:

No Rules! by Windows95Man

France's Eurovision song 2024:

Mon amour by Slimane


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Georgia's Eurovision song 2024:

TBC by Nutsa Buzaladze

Germany's Eurovision song 2024:

Always on the run by ISAAK

Greece's Eurovision song 2024:

TBC by Marina Satty

Ireland's Eurovision song 2024:

Doomsday Blue by Bambie Thug

Israel's Eurovision song 2024:

Hurricane by Eden Golan

Italy's Eurovision song 2024:

La noia by Angelina Mango

Latvia's Eurovision song 2024:

Hollow by Dons

Lithuania's Eurovision song 2024:

Luktelk by Silvester Belt

Luxembourg's Eurovision song 2024:

Fighter by Tali

Eurovision Song Contest 2024 stage design 3

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Malta's Eurovision song 2024:

Loop by Sarah Bonnici

Moldova's Eurovision song 2024:

In The Middle by Natalia Barbu

Netherlands' Eurovision song 2024:

Europapa by Joost Klein

Norway's Eurovision song 2024:

Ulveham by Gåte

Poland's Eurovision song 2024:

The Tower by Luna

San Marino's Eurovision song 2024:

11:11 by Megara

Serbia's Eurovision song 2024:

Ramonda by Teya Dora

Slovenia's Eurovision song 2024:

Veronika by Raiven

Spain's Eurovision song 2024:

ZORRA by Nebulossa

Switzerland's Eurovision song 2024:

The Code by Nemo

Ukraine's Eurovision song 2024:

Teresa & Maria by alyona alyona & Jerry Heil

Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil Ukraine Eurovision 2024

Image: Getty

United Kingdom's Eurovision song 2024:

Dizzy by Olly Alexander

Olly Alexander

Speaking exclusively to The Euro Trip podcast in January 2024, BBC Studios’ Eurovision Executive Producer, Lee Smithurst, and BBC Music’s Commissioning Executive, Will Wilkin explained that the team are keen for the UK's entry to see commercial success; saying the ultimate goal is to secure a Number 1 single.

Will Wilkin revealed: "Our ambition is to win and for the single to go to Number 1, and for it to be another watershed moment for Eurovision for the UK. 

"You have to make peace with what the worst case scenario is to reach the best. 

"Everyone that enters Eurovision is aware of what the worst case scenario can be, but I believe this will be another huge growth spike in terms of what Eurovision means. 

"We can measure that in a million different ways if we want to, but really we’re going there to win it. 

"And we are going there to win it with a single that is an incredibly commercially successful single."

Read our exclusive interview with Olly Alexander about his 2024 Eurovision Dizzy performance here.

Eurovision favourites 2024:

As it stands, Ukraine's Teresa & Maria by alyona alyona & Jerry Heil is bookies' favourite to win the 2024 contest; just ahead of La noia by Angelina Mango for Italy and Rim Tim Tagi Dim by Baby Lasagna for Croatia.

Where is the Eurovision 2024 Grand Final?

The 2024 Grand Final will be held at Malmö Arena in Malmö, Sweden.

When is the Eurovision 2024 Grand Final?

The 2024 Grand Final will be held on Saturday May 11. Here's everything you need to know about this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Keep up with all the latest Eurovision news from Official Charts over the coming weeks in our dedicated Eurovision hub.

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